Setting up you UofA AFS account to host pages

Use the following to setup your AFS account to host webpages.

How to log in to GPU:
Website Setup:

Here is the full code to use:

mkdir public_html
fs setacl ~ webservers l
fs setacl public_html webservers rl

Using Samba to upload your files:

Examples of interactive items

– favouriting or liking something
– public or private sharing
– photo upload
– sharing between social medias
– commenting
– blogging / opinion
– live chat
– skype
– boo google hangouts / boogle hangouts
– live streaming
– link clicking, ads
– profiles
– messaging, subscribe
– polling
– quizzes
– forms

Manifestos List and Proposal Guidelines

List of Manifestos

  • 10 Principles of Good Design (Dieter Rams)
  • An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth (Bruce Mau)
  • Manifesto of Surrealism
  • Here’s to the Crazy Ones
  • Frank Lloyd Wright Ten Point Manifesto
  • JFK Moon speech
  • Design Craft Manifesto (Ulla Engestron)
  • Focus
  • Firefly Manifesto (Jonathan Biels)
  • Manifesto of Illustration (Demona Macenan)
  • A Critic’s Manifesto
  • Manifesto for a Different Kind of Watching
  • The Great Dictator Speech (Chaplin)
  • Holste Manifesto
  • Work is not a Job
  • Topography of Typography
  • Riot Girrl


  • 250-500 words
  • References to external documents
  • Idea of a structure (4-6 pages? Sections / etc)
  • How do you take advantage of this medium


  • Might look bigger than it actually is
  • Fake it to you make it