Project 3 Deliverables

For your final Project 3 submission you will create 2 separate—but related—pieces. A final Project Presentation and Project Design Document. Each of these will draw upon the same materials but will obviously take different forms and be tailored differently.

They each should draw upon you process work, research, design work and your Design Rationale (750-1500 words). The final presentation will be 10 minutes in length while I imagine theProject Design Document to be 15–20 pages (although it could be longer) and this will be fully designed and self-contained. Both of these documents should be able to function as standalone documents, for example in your portfolio or as an email attachment.

Considerations for inclusion:

  • Written proposal
  • User stories
  • Sketches and Storyboards
  • Site Map
  • Primary and Secondary Research directly articulated and properly cited
  • Development of identity (name + visuals for interactive artefact)
  • Prototype
  • Wireframes of the whole interactive piece
  • Full colour and in-situ Mock-ups (6–12 content pages / screens)
  • Design Rationale positioning you interactive artefact noting its cultural resistance

Project 2 Presentation Tips, Tricks and things not to do


  • Consistency: layout
  • Test our designs (load beforehand) consider contrast
  • Overview / Intro
  • Watch information quantity on slides, consider:
    • Summaries
    • Visual Cues instead of Text
    • Highlights, bullet points
  • Smooth, clear and consistent in organisation
  • Images are great!  But also can you locate specifics in them (highlighting specific sections)
  • Research (citation)
  • Design system for presentation: what is this? where am I? how long?
  • Titling, sub-titling, … hierarchy systems to aid comprehension
  • Awareness of how you speak / present


  • Pace yourself
  • Practice
  • Use notes? Printouts?
  • Prepping questions? Engagement with viewers. Preparing for those tough questions
  • Presentation is vehicle for content, not competing
  • Legibility
  • Test in the environment
  • Roll with the flow
  • Prepare for a general audience
  • Engagement overall

Areas / Brainstorming / IDEO Research Methods

Areas & Issues
Sustainable Fashion
Fast Fashion
Gender Equality
Animal Cruelty
Sexualisation of the Female Form
Juvenile Crime Justice
Public Space
Media / Pop Culture / Consumerism
Human Rights


Choose and area of resistance
Identify at least two forms of research (IDEO)
Propose an Interactive Critical Resistance piece that addresses the above


Sexualisation of the Female Form
Paper Prototyping
Surveys / Questionnaires

Star Wars example. Magazines replace advertisements of females with males and publish these.

Car Culture / Bike Culture
Secondary Research
Cross Cultural Comparisons
Long Range Forecasts

Bike Sharing system (Pogo for bikes)
Bike GPS Route
Game Incentivizes Biking (Strava)

Public Space
Role Playing
Fly on the Wall
Still Photo Survey
Experience Prototype

Implemented conversation starters in public spaces to alter our uses of these spaces. Also that they could be interactive and changing. Possible website explaining the public space and the changes implemented.

Cultural Probes
Scale Modeling
Guided Tours

Campus suicide and prevention
Addressing the cause(s)
Silence / Sharing

Open Conversations talking about the subject matter
Sharing stories anonymously
Tracking social media